Enjoy on the water

The Canomaran ZIP is a canoe that won’t capsize easily. It glides effortlessly, and is quick to learn to use – without fear of getting wet! ZIP is also perfectly suited for fishing and camping – or even as an auxiliary boat for a larger vessel.

Canomaran zip - packed with features

Canomaran Zip was born from an idea of combining the best features of a canoe, a kayak, and a SUP board.
The innovative concept was born when three people from different backgrounds melded their ideas of how to integrate safety, ease, and fun into one watercraft. These thoughts led to the creation of Canomaran Zip – a new type of craft for the water.

Creating something new

Janne Kevo has a long background in the boat world, boatbuilder Hannu Hietala has the know-how from decades of building boats, and Tuomas Mujunen is a versatile designer and an architect. By combining their diverse backgrounds, the three founders of Canomaran created something wholly unique.

"Balance of the features"

Responsible for Canomaran’s production and product development process, boatbuilder Hannu Hietala’s face lights up when the discussion turns to his passion: boats. The generally quiet and modest man has spent many decades learning boat craftsmanship and has brought this vast experience to building and designing Canomara ZIP.

Hannu has also been involved in fiberglass construction since fiberglass was first introduced in boat-building. Fiberglass design is perfect for the no-compromise construction of the Canomaran ZIP. Every detail is carefully polished to perfection and the hand-made lamination process guarantees the quality and durability of ZIP for years to come. ZIP has it all: reliable and safe, as well as stylish and elegant.

“Unbelievably agile!”

Janne Kevo brings his experience in international sales to the Canomaran team.

Janne has decades of experience with the world’s leading brands in the car and boat industry. He loves being on the water in all its forms and is passionate at evaluating exciting new innovations. Janne has been developing the Canomara ZIP since the very first version, giving valuable considerations and suggestions to its design.

Janne knows how to think outside the box and encourages the team to constantly push for improvements. His experience brings an understanding of what users may expect from ZIP and what features they value.

“Smooth design”

Tuomas Mujunen is a multi-talented designer, architect, and brand-builder. His experience includes product and furniture design as well as interior design and architecture. This spring he was also nominated as a Chairman of Northern Finland Designer’s association.

Tuomas is responsible for the modern and distinctive look of the Canomaran ZIP. Form follows function, with beauty, safety, and features all rolled into one. ZIP colors have been inspired from the brisk and fresh colors of the 70s.

“For ZIP I wanted to combine the best features of the Optimist boat and a SUP board with the safety that is inherent in a catamaran hull.”

Brandstein, the design agency led by Tuomas, is also behind the visuals and branding of Canomaran and the Canomaran ZIP.

“In the development work of Canomaran Zip it’s essential to consider what is most important for all the different end users: hunters, anglers, athletes and hikers each value different things. We have sought to always keep an emphasis on the symmetry of gross load, drag reduction, wind sensitivity, directional stability and strength. In the development of the Canomaran product family, a balance of these features is our focus.”

"The Canomaran Zip stays upright and is safe. Paddling felt nice and it is very stable"